We are your language superhero!

In the world we live in, words can

either build bridges or create barriers.

We are here to serve as language

superheroes helping your

company bridge the culture

divide and amplify your message

to all corners of the world.


We offer a comprehensive suite of language solutions designed to propel your organization's global reach: from translation to e-learning localization, we are the bridge that you need to maximize the impact of your ideas globally.

Go beyond translation. No matter the language, we ensure your message maintains its visual impact.

Flawlessly translate your website content, marketing materials, legal and financial documents, technical manuals, educational books,

Engage your global audience on every screen. Leverage the power of video to connect with audiences worldwide.

Expand your reach and empower learners globally. We adapt your e-learning content to any specific region

Deliver a user-friendly experience in every language. Our UX/UI and web localization services

Make your content accessible to everyone. We provide accessibility consulting and services


At the heart of The Typesetter lie our project managers. Your dedicated guides: they will partner with you, understand your challenges and turn your multilingual nightmares into a sweet journey.

Our experienced graphic designers, professional linguists and tech-savvy multimedia engineers are the masterminds behind the magic.

With a meticulous eye for detail, our QA team ensures flawless execution and adherence to the highest quality standards. Last but not least, your behind-the-scenes heroes, the operations team, advocate for your needs and guarantee you have a pleasant experience.